We are different – we believe in The Power of Networking

If you have a key role to fill, we’ll give you seven compelling reasons why you should choose SAM to get the job done to your specification, on time, and on budget:

1. SAM’s networks are the key to successful headhunting:

We use real and virtual networks to reach the best candidates quickly. We know that “clicks” are better than “bricks”, so we invest in our internet process to increase our speed and reach.

2. SAM is one international company, with one international system

We see borders as opportunities, not as limitations, so our virtual structure knows no boundaries. We bring consistency of application wherever we operate.
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3. We don’t just theorise. We bring solid business skills to the world of headhunting with speed, allied to an understanding of cost control and profit.

4. SAM won’t spend your money on expensive, slow media advertising:

Advertising your vacancy in the press only attracts an audience looking for work. At SAM we use our networks to start headhunting immediately for the best candidate, which accelerates the process, looks at a bigger audience, and keeps your costs low.

5. SAM’s virtual structure reduces our costs

We don’t invest in buildings that add to costs and take time to manage. We are a lean organisation with low costs which we pass on to our customers.

6. SAM Partners don’t delegate key tasks

Your SAM Partner sees the job through from start to finish. The entire process is important, so we take care to be in constant control and ensure that nothing slips through our fingers.
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7. SAM offers "Key Account Management"

SAM gives you one contact person regardless of what functions, tasks, and what countries they are carried in.
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8. SAM Know How is the intelligence

SAM Know How is the intelligence behind all our activities and as "Intel Inside" of computers, makes it, we are able to improve the precision and quality significantly compared to our competitors
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