SAM Know How
The new dimension in recruitment

SAM is much more than traditional recruitment of executive staff, specialists and board members; it is a global concept based on SAM Know How that is part and parcel of all our services. This unique analytical research tool adds an intelligent dimension to the principle of applicant matching in national and international recruitment.
The concept behind SAM Know How is all about uncovering the personal qualities and talents possessed by an applicant. Together with qualifications and experience they constitute the key components of the candidate’s profile in relation to the job he or she will be matched up with.
It is said that people join organisations but leave managers. And this is just where SAM Know How enters the picture. By taking into account the applicant’s unique combination of motivations and preferences when matching them with the job role the manager and the team they join – we dramatically increase the likelihood that they will stay longer and perform to their potential.
In other words: SAM Know How draws a picture of the whole person, not just their visible CV.
SAM Know How is translated and culturally validated for all the markets in which we operate in connection with
  • Executive recruitment
  • Board-member recruitment
  • Cross Border
  • CV Database
  • Key Account Management

Values we should like to be measured against

Regardless where in the world a search is carried out, SAM will always operate on the basis of the same set of company values, mission, vision and ambition. These are entities on the basis of which SAM will be judged and recognised:

  • High quality
  • Knowledge
  • Innovation
  • Loyalty
  • Focus on results
  • Professionalism


Using our insight into our individual clients’ strategies and challenges, it is our vision to be the preferred partner within competence optimisation.


Our mission is to assist our clients in attracting and retaining the right talents.


Our ambition is to make a substantial difference and to create sound and long-term results. This is why we have decided to underpin our work by a 12-months’ warranty on recruitment, inclusive of 2 follow-up meetings.

SAM Know - How Challenges what really matters most.

Recruitment is more than just finding qualified candidates. With SAM Know How you will find the person possessing exactly those qualifications and personal qualities that will match the DNA of the company.
SAM will always match a candidate’s talents against the company’s potential and possibilities. The key issue here is that talent requires the right environment in order to unfold and create results.
Where a company finds it difficult to retain good employees, the SAM Know How will facilitate the mapping out of an organisation on the basis of those who perform, and those who are pulling the business in the opposite direction.
SAM Know How focuses on those employees capable of creating value and growth - employees worth retaining and investing in.




We are global with a local presence

In our analyses and research, every one of our international branches provides the complete product portfolio applying to the SAM Know How. Thus, we ensure consistency in our cross-border candidate search.
Each individual SAM branch operates decentralised in the local markets, free of cumbersome bureaucracy.
SAM is structured so as to enable both global and local operation.
Every SAM branch is a dynamic entity enjoying a high degree of flexibility and, for purposes of tailoring the perfect solution, there is much scope to act with the SAM tools and methods.
SAM offers our clients a 12-months’ warranty on recruitment inclusive of 2 follow-up meetings